With so many options now available to businesses considering upgrading their online strategy, it can be bewildering knowing where to start. So let's outline how Starwood Systems differs from many of the typical offerings, and how that helps you achieve your objectives.

First let's talk about where the Internet fits into your business:

Which best describes your business?

  • Older established businesses tend to have a predominately 'offline' business model.  They were trading successfully long before the Internet became something that they had to incorporate into their Company in order to keep abreast of the competition.
  • Newer businesses tend to be created with an integral online presence. Their owners know that the future growth area for all businesses will be Internet led.
  • Pure online companies have comparatively small offline overheads and find business models that mean they can trade exclusively online, 24 hours a day with a global reach. 

The amount of time your staff spend on your own website is a good indicator of how 'web-centric' your business is.

Can you improve communication both internally, with your clients, and your potential customers by moving the centre of that communication to your website?

We enable businesses to close the gap between their on and offline activities by providing websites that staff can continually update themselves, whilst providing full support and development of the website, software, and associated systems that the site depends upon to run.

No business is static, and the previous approach of outsourcing the construction of the company's website to a web developer and then leaving the site untouched for years, creates a stale impression of the business, and more importantly, a huge missed opportunity in terms of business growth.

We take a different approach:

We recognise that although most businesses would prefer to take full ownership of their web presence, having an in-house web development team is cost prohibitive. That is where we come in. By working as part of your team, always available and in contact, we assist in driving your web presence towards your business goals.

By understanding your business objectives we can also provide advice on the best solutions to achieve the results at the lowest possible cost.

The amount of involvement that you require from us is of course totally up to you, so if you would like us to construct a responsive site and hand it over ready to go, then that is fine and we are happy to assist.

If you would like us to continue to provide support, monitor the site's systems, security and traffic flow, making continual adjustments to really help it fly on the Internet, you will be adding our skills to your business team.

It is this that makes Starwood Systems so different: we are not a factory turning out websites, as we know that modern database linked websites are complex to maintain, run efficiently and securely. But we also know that when developed correctly they can be the root of your business growth.

So matching our services to the right businesses is important, as we do not work with many companies, preferring instead to work more closely with fewer, and also avoid building sites for competing businesses in any sector.

Are we a good match for your business?

If your business recognises the need for interactive, connected web services and wants your website to more closely reflect the activities of your company start now by contacting us today.

For a stunning, feature packed website and showcase for your business or community get started right now by providing some details about your project or the services that you require.

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