• Starwood Systems Ltd terms of service

    We like to keep things as informal as possible, and mostly work without the need for fussy detailed contracts wherever possible, especially where we are simply lending a helping hand.

    Othertimes, and especially for large organisations, we need to be more formal in our approach and have a framework where definitions are clearly laid out for the benefit and protection of both parties.

    Here are the overarching terms and conditions for our work:

    Starwood Systems Ltd undertakes to provide its clients with information technology and related services of the very highest quality. Part of this commitment involves demonstrating transparency throughout our business processes and being clear about our standard business practices.


    'Starwood Systems' (our trading name), 'us', 'our', and 'we' refer to Starwood Systems Ltd; registered in England; Company number 5811731, registered office 76 High Street, Ecton, Northamptonshire , NN6 0QB, UK .

    'Client' or 'you' is any individual or organisation which pays Starwood Systems in return for products or services.

    'Writing' includes email to a valid Starwood Systems e-mail address, or standard post to our office address.


    If you require more than a verbal agreement, Starwood Systems will provide a free written quotation for all the work you would like done, including a work & invoice schedule; this is valid for one calendar month from receipt. Time for your feedback will be included in the work schedule. We will also explain how work which becomes necessary beyond the schedule will be charged.

    Web design

    Once we receive your instruction we will start the work on your site. We undertake to publish the work in progress on a testing server for you to inspect, When you approve the the completed work it will be moved to the agreed web address.

    Web Hosting

     Starwood Systems undertakes to provide a durable website and email hosting service with 99% uptime. If we do not meet this guarantee during a particular calendar month, the hosting charge for the following period will include the equivalent discount to one month. Invoices for annual payments must also be paid in advance of service. Hosting is subject to size and bandwidth restrictions as agreed in advance.

    Domain Names

    Starwood Systems is not a domain name registrar but we can either advise on domain name registration and DNS setup or undertake it on your behalf, registering a domain in your name.

    Whilst Starwood Systems cannot guarantee that a particular domain name will be available, we will search for suitable, available alternatives and suggest them to you. All clients holding a domain must comply with the terms and conditions of the authority responsible for regulating the respective domain. Nominet UK regulates the .uk top level domain, and their terms and conditions can be obtained from http://www.nic.uk/.

    The authorities responsible for regulating domain registrations charge an annual fee to ensure the domain name is retained by the holder and cannot be registered by someone else. Non-payment of the annual fee will result in the domain name being released as available to other users. Starwood Systems charges a fee for the registration of the domain name for a period of one or two years. This fee includes the fees to the regulatory authorities.

    In all circumstances, the holder of the domain name will be responsible for ensuring renewal fees are paid. Starwood Systems will accept no responsibility for the loss of domain names or websites due to a client's failure to pay the required fees. The holder of a domain to be used in any Starwood Systems project must ensure that administrative control of the domain is released from any previous web services provider before any work is undertaken.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    When search engine optimisation is included in the work schedule, Starwood Systems will optimise client websites as effectively as possible.

    However, we cannot guarantee a high position in search engine results, due to the quality of the client's content on the site being such a major factor in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and is outside our control.


    The copyright for all material provided by the client, such as graphics, photographs, logos and copy, will remain with the client. The client will give Starwood Systems the right to publish and use this material for the purpose of website construction. The copyright for all material provided by Starwood Systems, such as graphics, photographs and text, will remain the property of Starwood Systems until such time as payment has been made in full. Starwood Systems will grant the client permission to use this material pending payment. Upon receipt of payment, Starwood Systems will transfer copyright to the client.

    Clients must obtain permission for Starwood Systems to use any material which is copyright of a third party. The client will agree to indemnify and hold harmless Starwood Systems from all claims resulting from the client's negligence or failure to obtain permission to use such copyright material.

    Payment Terms / Default

    Payment in full will be required within 14 days of the date on any invoice issued by Starwood Systems. Accounts remaining unpaid after 21 days from the date of the invoice will be deemed to be in default until such time as full payment is received. Starwood Systems will at its discretion, disable or remove websites and other files for any client in default of payment. Such disabling or removal of material will not relieve clients of their obligation to pay any outstanding charges. For all accounts in default, Starwood Systems reserves the right to charge incremental interest at the rate of 1% per day of the incrementing outstanding balance.

    Cheques returned unpaid due to insufficient funds will incur a service charge of £25. If an account remains unpaid after 56 days of the date of the invoice, then Starwood Systems will commence legal proceedings to recover the debt. The client will be held liable to all costs incurred by Starwood Systems in recovering the debt.


    Termination of any service provided by Starwood Systems must be requested in writing with a minimum of 7 days notice. If Starwood Systems wishes to terminate a service for any reason we will give 7 days notice of our intention (except breach of UK laws by the website owner).

    Legal Restrictions

     Starwood Systems reserves the right to refuse to host, maintain, or service any website being used in violation of UK laws. Starwood Systems reserves the right to remove any such material or website without giving reason or cause. However, the client is ultimately legally responsible for the content of their site.

    Terms and Conditions

    Starwood Systems Ltd reserves the right to change the contents of these terms and conditions at any time.

    If you have any queries relating to our standard terms and conditions of business please

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