• Delivering website content to exactly the right audience

    Your website is capable of very targeted delivery of your products and services.

    Information can be made available (or denied) to viewers according to their geographic location, whether that be on a per Continent basis, through Country level, right down to town location if you so desire.

    For users who are registered and logged into the website the availability of information can be even more fine grained and specifically targeted.

    The site can support an almost infinite number of user groups and viewing access levels.

    These very often mirror internal and external business departments such as sales, distributors, clients etc.

    Once the user is logged into the site, the relevant information at their specific viewing or group level is presented.

    This can be even more finely tuned right down to an individual user, allowing you to present options or data specific to that person.

    When used in conjunction with the e-commerce applications built into the website it allows differential pricing according to the status of the viewer.

    For example, you may choose not to display prices to non registered viewers, or display discounted prices to registered distributors with varying discount levels according to the group that you place them in. (And any number of variations along these lines.)

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