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Note: we no longer support or have any connection The Railway Conductor due to unpaid bills.




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A complete range of services from website construction, development, search engine optimisation, security and disaster recovery to hosting, server management and data analytics are at your disposal.

We are well versed in PHP MySQL MariaDB etc and can produce bespoke custom solutions.

A website is more that what you see.

Ongoing analysis of the visitor behaviour on the site and conversion rates enables us to provide you actionable reporting to assist with product purchases and pricing to maximise ROI.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another key area that requires ongoing attention. There is no single magic bullet to SEO as a wide range of factors come together to produce the best results so every one has to be addressed and optimised.

Using this approach we have been able to provide The Railway Conductor with an almost 400% increase in traffic from search results in the space of 12 months.

A different approach.

Rather than building a website and simply handing it over 'job done - here you go', we recognise two important factors: a website is never 'completed' and the majority of growing businesses simply can't afford to employ the team of web professionals needed to achieve full online potential.

That's where we excel.

We build long standing results based relationships working as external but dedicated members of your team constantly working at achieving your online business goals.

Over the years we have worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes from large PLC's to small one man (or woman) operations.

OK so what about the cost?

Sometimes only advice is needed, or a helping hand to build your own site and maintain it with regular product updates.

We understand that budgets are always tight and take the approach that businesses need help to grow.

We love to help get the snowball rolling, and see your business florish; always taking the longer term view by staying within your budget, and providing more resources when appropriate. That way we grow as you grow. 

If you would like a friendly chat in the strictest confidence about how I may be able to help your business or community website in a similar way, please use the following form to connect with me today.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Graham Wales

Managing Director

Starwood Systems

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