The website construction process in more detail.

When you instruct us to build your business website, we do the following:

1: Install the website operating platform:

  1. Create a webserver for your site.
  2. Create the website database.
  3. Install the latest version of Joomla CMS
  4. Link the site to the database.
  5. Create your email addresses.
  6. Install our default set of essential extensions to the Joomla operating system.
  7. Configure the extensions to match the your requirements.
  8. Implement security systems
  9. Configure site firewall, hide generator tag, implement anti spam systems, enable two factor authentication.
  10. Harden the system against malicious users.
  11. Create an internal structure for the site content.
  12. Create usergroups with access and viewing levels.

Style and design.

The finer points of the overall layout can be better judged once the site content has been added.

So at this point we will style the site to correspond with your business identity. Small details like the favicon can be added now. We will work with you to get the feel of the site as you want it, or with your graphic designers if you prefer. Once the site content has been added we can start to look at the layout of the site in more detail.

Site Content.

You now need to supply the text, images, media etc that make up the content of the site.

We will provide advice and assist with the formatting and layout of the sites content.

The site's menu structure can then be formed linking to the content.

The design and layout of the site can then be finalised.

An advanced sitemap is generated and submitted to search engines.

You now have a fully featured dynamic website that can expand and change, whatever your needs.

Maintaining and growing your business website.

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