Your complete website maintenance package

No need to worry about your website or security, you can concentrate on your business with Starwood's Site Safe Maintenance service.

Each month we undertake the following tasks to keep your site safely online.

  • Host your site on our secure server.
  • Maintain your mail server.
  • Backup your site and store the encrypted site backups in a secure location on Amazon's cloud.
  • Optimise your database to keep your site running fast.
  • Backup the database.
  • Check your system logs to identify any problems.
  • Apply system security updates to your site immediately they become available.
  • Update all site extensions to the latest versions.
  • Maintain a site firewall, screening out malicious users and totally blocking site access to undesirable visitors.
  • Check attack vectors and security breach attempts, closing any holes.

Includes Disaster Recovery - If the worst does happen and your website crashes or is compromised by malicious users then we will:

  • Locate the security breach
  • Delete any compromised databases
  • Delete all website files from the server.
  • Create new databases.
  • Restore your site from a backup.
  • Discover and close system exploits.

Now your site is Safe, continual site development with the Growth Package will increase business.

For a stunning, feature packed website and showcase for your business or community get started right now by providing some details about your project or the services that you require.

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